11th Commandment

As a teacher, I am required to do in-service/ training.  At our last meetings, we had someone come in from a Child Advocacy Center and talk about being a mandatory reporter, who to call, how to talk to a child, how the process works, etc.  I was having foster care flashbacks the entire time.  I was remembering the trainings we had to go through to get licensed where they talked about all this stuff in almost the exact same ways.  In fact, she told at least one of the EXACT same stories we had heard 4 years ago (example of how what initially sounds bad might not be but your job is just to report and the professionals will get the truth out quickly…).  Anyway, it was a very draining meeting for me.  In so many ways I feel like the “expert” at these things, and yet I was the one choking back tears.  Not because of what she was saying, but because of memories, and because of the pain that I’ve seen kids go through – it’s not just theory to me.

So she started off the meeting by showing a short music video.  The exact same video we had seen at our foster care trainings – the one that got us hooked, if I remember correctly.  If you haven’t seen it, it is worth a watch.  Though, as always, it is heartbreaking.

Here’s the link to one place it can be found on youtube.